WE ARE GOING! And my quilt has been accepted!

SGDQ – Summer Games Done Quick has accepted my quilt donation and it is listed as the fourth line (currently) on their Prize Index website!  I’m so very excited!  If you’d like to see pictures of the finished item, I welcome you to look!  I’m lucky enough to be featured during the first several games being played by our wonderful speedrunners!  I’m so very excited!


For those interested in having me create a custom purse, satchel, handbag or wallet:


Custom Work, My Promise:

All of our custom orders are made to order, and unique to you.  Once purchased, I will not duplicate my own work for another.


Custom Work, Your Promise:

When ordering from Altered Notions, you automatically allow internet streaming of the creation of your purchase.  Part of the fun of ordering from me is that, if you choose, you can decide when your order is created, and can watch its progress via internet streaming.


Our Spark:

My husband (at that time my fiancée) always watches gamers on Twitch, like most people, he enjoys the entertainment value. From there, I decided I wanted to start streaming sewing and cooking. We reduced it to sewing, with three cameras (at the moment) plus a kitty-cam to come, when she decides where she likes to sit down and relax while I sew. From there I got attracted to some purse patterns by a friend, and began making them. Then decided that making them as a business would be a great use of my time, and inspire continuous creativity. So from my husband idly watching Twitch, the idea of streaming the making of custom purses was born. I enjoy sewing to a great depth, and really like the idea of sharing my ideas and expertise with anyone interested.


Calendar of Events

See what we have coming up next!  Schedule constantly changing so check back!


Custom Ordering

Want something of your own?  Have a picture you’d like re-created?  Open a discussion on our ordering page.

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