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See the below categories for the current available patterns that can be made!  Remember, we can always add a cross-body strap to a purse!!








All pictures and patterns are the rights of the individual pattern designers.

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Watch the Construction Process

Monday and Friday (barring major life events) I’ll be streaming my craft online on twitch.  Come and take a look. For the curious, we have published information on our stream setup here.

Wednesdays I’ll stream online on either my Facebook group, or a friends’ facebook group.  Follow Altered Notions on Facebook to be notified with updates.

Our technical issues will not come in conflict with accepting orders or discussing ideas, but it does inhibit streaming of work.

Custom Work, My Promise:

All of our custom orders are made to order, and unique to you.  Once purchased, I will not duplicate my own work for another.

Custom Work, Your Promise:

When ordering from Altered Notions, you automatically allow internet streaming of the creation of your purchase.  Part of the fun of ordering from me is that, you do have the option of deciding when your order is created, and can watch its progress via internet streaming.

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Have a picture you’d like re-created?  Open a discussion on our contact page.

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